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Jenemann Archive Project

Hans R Jenemann (1920-1996) probably has contributed more to research into the history of balances, weighing and much beyond than any other individual.

He has published extensively on the subjects of balance development, balance makers, history of weighing and others across three decades of the last century. In so doing he collected an enormous amount of information in many formats: books, catalogues, pamphlets and many other types of written information, as well as many thousand photographs – again in several formats. All of the latter he took himself, either by photographing the original item in situ, or by taking a photographic reproduction of printed material.

He was also an avid collector of antique and historic balances, especially analytical/chemical and microbalances.

Balance Picture Showcase

This website is an attempt to collect, preserve and archive written material and images by Hans Jenemann. We intend to make this treasure accessible to fellow researchers and balance enthusiasts.

The project is very much a work in progress, mostly due to the astonishing amount of pictures which have to be digitised and tidied up. So check back from time to time, we update the pages as we go along.

There are also links to other sites of related interest and a contact page should you want to get in touch.